Tribunal in New York encourages students to become modern VIPs

Seton Hall students headed into New York City for the Russell Tribunal about the Palestine last weekend, the fourth installment of a five-part series of tribunals aiming to raise public awareness of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Other installments took place in London, Barcelona, and Cape Town. The final tribunal is yet to be planned.

“Our campus is so close to NYC, one of the biggest cities in the world. It takes little effort to look for events, get out there, and get involved,” freshman Brittney Little said.

Speakers included, Ilan Papp?©, Israeli historian, Peter Hansen, diplomat-in-residence, and Ben White, freelance journalist. All spoke to highlight the course of wrongdoings committed in Israel.

RToP is one event in the city that is open to students. SHU Students for Liberty members attended the event.

“Overall, I enjoyed RToP,” Little said. “The speakers articulated the truth about the conflict which made me understand a lot about what us going on.”

Most speakers were accessible for the public to speak to after. They encouraged young leaders to stay active and to become more aware.

“With electronic media, it is very easy to stay informed,” Hansen said. “Mobilize and let your newly gained knowledge be shared with others. Mobilize correction to the distorted picture.”

Pappe used the VIP acronym to describe how he feels young people should stay involved.

“Young people should be ‘VIP’ Young people should ‘V’ visit,” he said. “They should be in touch with the reality on the ground. The I is for them to inform themselves, ‘I’ think a lot of young people are intrigued by activism, but sometimes forget that there is a lot of study that comes with it. ‘P,’ for me, is protest, in any form of not allowing the evil that rages on the ground to go unnoticed.”

Freshman Daniel Cruz agreed. “It is very important for students to interact on social networks,” he said. “Students need to talk to each other and get together on topics that affect our everyday lives, join groups on campus and around neighboring cities and use your potential to benefit the world.”

The event was live streamed live on the RToP website. Videos of the event are also accessible to the public on the RToP website.

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