Faculty get new technology

Faculty members were given the op­portunity to upgrade their computers to the new slates in advance of their scheduled technology renewal.

Faculty and staff of business, science, and honors programs, who usually refresh their laptops every three years, were the recipients of the new slates, according to Dr. Stephen G. Landry, chief information officer..

Dr. Bert Wachsmuth, associate profes­sor of the Department of mathematics and computer science, was one of the profes­sors who received the slate.

“I take it pretty much everywhere,” Wachsmuth said, “and the small form fac­tor makes it truly ubiquitous.”

The tablets were issued in order to give the faculty the opportunity to use the same technology students as their students.

It also aims to enhance the technologic experience of the classroom.

Professors were able to choose between the new Samsung Series 7 Slate PC or the Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook.

The Series 7 Slate was the more popu­lar choice. This is also the tablet students in those programs were issued.

The Series 7 offers many new features, according to Landry.

“They have a touch screen and digitizer pen that is able to recognize handwriting, making it easier to take notes without a key­board or use it as a smartboard when con­nected to a video projector,” he said.

One of the “trade-offs” Landry said, was that “the slate has a relatively small solid state hard drive” which limits the file storage.

As a remedy, users are encouraged to utilize Microsoft SkyDrive, Landry said.

Landry uses the new device, and said that the most exciting feature was the Win­dows 8 operating system the tablets use.

“Windows 8 is the first version of Win­dows that provides a true ‘touch friendly’ interface, making a Windows slate really practical,” he said.

Seton Hall University was the first uni­versity to receive the operating system. It was the first institute of higher education to implement the program.

Seton Hall was afforded this opportu­nity through Microsoft’s First Wave Pro­gram.

Victoria Plate can be reached at victo­ria.plate@student.shu.edu

Author: Staff Writer

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