Fifth season of “90210” premieres

“90210” is back on the television screen with their fifth season that aired on Monday at 8 p.m. on The CW. The premiere answers the questions from the finale that left the viewers hanging on the edge of their seats.

In the episode, Naomi and Max have planned to elope suddenly, but as they head to Las Vegas their car breaks down. Minutes later they end up in jail for driving a stolen limo. Catching up with Liam, he is forced to put up his bar that he loves for sale because of his expensive movie contract with Vanessa. Later on, Navid steps in to help Liam not sell his bar and to leave Vanessa behind because he clearly does not need her. Moving onto Teddy later on in the episode, he is concerned with becoming a potential father with Silver. Adrianna still unaware of any her friends’ issues is still on her country music tour living the life, has a “fling” with a stranger she meets names Taylor, played by guest star Wes Brown. She is still clueless to the fact her dear friend is in the hospital in a coma in Los Angeles due to a horrible car accident.

The viewers also get to catch up with Deb and her life in Paris when she comes to visit Annie after being informed about Dixon. No one seems to know where Harry is in this episode, including Annie, because no one to get in contact with him thinking he his somewhere in New Mexico relaxing. After numerous phone calls and messages, Annie gets in touch with Adrianna and gets her to come to Los Angeles to be by her side while Dixon still in a coma.

“Dixon was in a car accident Adrianna. He’s in the hospital fighting for his life and the only thing he’s asking for is you,” Annie famously said.Although Dixon survived the crash, his future health situation is unknown.

Overall the episode was a very good season premiere to “90210.”

The Setonian gave show this 4 out of 5 stars.

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