Drama city: ‘Jersey Shore’

The show is definitely sentimental for our generation and whether we’d like to admit it or not, “t-shirt time, GTL, and fist pumping” are routines we now adhere to. Well, maybe not all of us.

The initially controversial show that forced its way into our hearts almost three years ago opened with a double- episode premiere of its final season on Oct. 4.

After seeing the opening episodes, viewers should be able to accept this as the end of “Jersey Shore” as we know it. The cast has grown into being responsible and mature; except for Deena’s crying bouts, and a bit of tension between Vinny and Jionni (Snooki’s finance and father of her son), that is. Overall, however, the episodes were mostly drama-free. This may bring into question the success of the final season; if everyone is perfect and all grown up how entertaining will the rest of the season be?

Snooki, the once wild party girl is engaged and pregnant and virtually everyone else is also coupled up (including Ronnie and Sammie).

Mike “The Situation,” who was once clearly the epitome of a complete jerk, discloses in the episodes his battle with prescription drugs and how rehab has changed his life for the better, making the effort to turn over a new leaf with his cast-mates most of whom he has scorned in some way. While some may be skeptical of this change in Mike, it seems genuine. The preview of the season even gives the indication that Mike may even be ready to settle down in the near future.

The show didn’t only provide years of entertainment to viewers but it catapulted the guidos and guidettes into stardom.

MTV has milked “Jersey Shore” for what it’s worth and while we will miss the meatballs, MVP and the rest of the gang, it’s time to say goodbye.

New episodes air on MTV every Thursday at 10 p.m.

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Author: Staff Writer

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