Drama city: ‘Gossip Girl’

With the CW’s “Gossip Girl” beginning its final season, people in America are excited for one of two reasons: fans will get answers, or, for non-fans, the show will finally be over. As with most shows targeted for teen audiences, the writing and the acting are far from top notch. The final season premiere of “Gossip Girl” was definitely not impressive enough to add viewers, though current fans are likely to stick with it until the end.

For those who have not followed the show, the plot line’s roots in previous episodes made little sense, but the main idea of the episode was relatively clear: love lives get messy, people are desperate for attention, money gets thrown around and the chances of figuring out who Gossip Girl is seem to be disappearing.

As far as the love lives go, what used to be a love triangle among Blair Waldorf, Dan Humphrey and Chuck Bass ended up leaving each of them feeling alone and somewhat resentful of each other. Blair chose Chuck but they made an agreement not to be together just yet. So now there are three unhappy people who are all forced spend time together? Sounds like fun.

Now for figuring out who Gossip Girl is. Apparently Nate Archibald had some sort of leverage he hoped to use to find her identity. Rather than wait for the opportune moment, he wasted it on trying to find Serena.

Overall, so far there seems to be no sign of improvement on the quality of episodes.

Fans will most likely stick with this drama until the end. After several years of watching and perhaps envying the lives of the “Manhattan elite” this season opener showed very little impressive plot line potential for dedicated fans. Until next time, Xoxo, Unimpressed.

Samantha Giedris can be reached at samantha. giedris@student.shu. edu

Author: Samantha Giedris

Samantha Giedris is a senior journalism major with minors in political science and women and gender studies. She is currently the Managing Editor of The Setonian and a member of Alpha Phi Fraternity. In the past year, she has interned at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia and Birchbox. Samantha can be reached at samantha.giedris@student.shu.edu.

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