As Aquinas residents settle in, power goes out

Over the last month, students living in Aquinas Residence Hall have reported several incidents of electrical issues disrupting their daily routines.

“One time I was in the bathroom and the power went out,” freshman Melissa Tapper said. “It was pitch black.”

Tapper explained that it is very annoying to live under such circumstances.

When asked how maintenance restored power, Tapper responded that they fixed it but the repairs did not last very long.

Many students have additionally reported Wi-Fi networking issues.

Aquinas resident freshman Tim Veiga experienced a minor glitch with his television set in his dorm. “If we turn it a certain way, it’ll have fuzzy lines across the screen,” Veiga said.

These wi-fi issues have since been resolved by the university technology department.

The only major incident that has occurred in Aquinas was the power outages that transpired throughout three specific dorm rooms on different floors linked together by one electric circuit, according to Aquinas Hall Resident Director Rae Esmores.

A suite on the second floor experienced the electrical outages caused by the first and third floor, according to Freshmen Melissa Cabral.

“Apparently every time we wake up, the bathroom and the hallway lights are off because they start using their electric appliances at the same time, and it causes the power to blow,” Cabral said.

These outages have nothing to do with the Aquinas Hall’s power circuits, but rather the amount of electronics being used at the same time, according to Esmores.

Some residents of the three linked suites created a schedule of when and who would use an electrical appliance at what time to solve their outage issues, according to freshman Abigail Troast.

Megan Smith said that her suitemate had to buy a new low- wattage blow dryer the first time the outage occurred. Smith explained that all three suites finally got each other’s phone numbers and made a schedule to use certain electronics at certain times.

Smith said, thankfully, the school sorted everything out and that they don’t have to worry about their power going out every time someone goes to use the blow-dryer.

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