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Omar Ahmad is a graduate student anticipating a double major in diplomacy and strategic communica­tions. He is currently serving his second term as WSOU Station Manager. His love for metal music has served him during his years at the radio station.

Q: What kind of music is your favorite and why?

A: While I listen to a whole bunch of different things, I grew up listening to heavy metal since I was 11. My cousin got me into it at that age and by the time I was 13 or so, I was going to con­certs, growing my hair out, and picked up playing guitar. Some of my favorite bands growing up were Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Metallica (who I interviewed this summer, a total dream come true).

Q: How do you think Seton Hall can bring more entertainment to the school?

A: I think it’s actually not up to just Seton Hall to bring good en­tertainment. It should be student involvement. Students expect that the school will just provide them with a performer and that’s that. Students have to actively get in­volved with bringing quality acts to campus. They have to go out and put the work in.

Q: What is your favorite part about being WSOU Station Manager?

A: Working with all the other stu­dents is great. No other place on campus can say they have as much of an impact as WSOU does. We compete in the number one broad­casting market in the nation, meaning there are professionals who do this for a living, and most staff members at WSOU do this for fun. It’s a great opportunity that no other club or school can really compare to.

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