“Last Resort” asserts itself as first-priority viewing

It would be easy for someone who had never seen “Last Resort” to label it as just another military drama – an intense show featur­ing stern-faced actors rambling off soldier jargon as part of some overly complex plot that only a war buff would enjoy. But that person would be dead wrong, because “Last Resort” is a com­pelling new series with an origi­nal premise, a talented cast and a bright future.

The series revolves around the crew of the USS Colorado, an American nuclear submarine led by Capt. Marcus Chaplin and XO Lt. Cmdr. Sam Kendal. When the Colorado receives suspicious orders to launch missiles at Paki­stan, Chaplin and Kendal object, refusing to seemingly start a war.

In return, the Colorado is at­tacked by a fellow Navy vessel and declared an enemy of the United States. Now reluctant renegades, the crew regroups to a French island where they must fight to clear their names and fig­ure out why their own country be­trayed them.

In addition to unraveling the mystery of whom in the govern­ment turned on them, the crew of the Colorado also has to deal with fighting and the local crime boss who resents the Americans taking over his island.

While the large cast can be over­whelming, each character was intriguing. Andre Braugher’s per­formance as the tough-yet-sym­pathetic Chaplin is wonderful and Robert Patrick is also enigmatic. Yet the breakthrough star is Scott Speedman who captures, in Ken­dal, the struggle between loving his wife and desiring to serve his nation.

In a television season again cluttered with legal and medical shows, it is refreshing to see a unique series like “Last Resort.” It will not be the first time an ABC drama set on island becomes a success.

The Setonian gave this show 4 out of 5 stars.

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Author: Staff Writer

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