Getting to know Dean Zavada

Among the newly appointed officials on campus is the new Dean of the Arts and Sciences who is an evolutionary biologist and wants to bring consistency and fairness to the office.

Dr. Michael S. Zavada also wants to move the college forward, delivering good student services and paying attention to what is important to build a good reputation for Seton Hall.

“Most importantly it’s the students and the experiences that they have here that we are most concerned about,” he said.

Zavada was apprehensive about being appointed the position in the beginning. “It was kind of scary to tell you the truth,” he said. “Before when I made a decision I affected 23 people, now when I make a decision I affect a heck of a lot more.”

Zavada was a chairman of the biology department before he became Dean. He wants to keep researching while being the dean but has a lot of unfinished projects that he will have to finish first.

Zavada grew up in Bridgeport, Conn. When he was younger Zavada played baseball in for his high school and for Arizona State University for three years. He then got interested in his studies.

He received both his bachelor’s degree in ecology and master’s in geology at Arizona State. He then went to the University of Connecticut to get his doctorate in ecology and evolutionary biology. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Slavic and east European languages and literature.

Zavada said that the thing that inspired him most was the people, not the places he has been.

“If I can say I loved one thing, it was not only the traveling but meeting those interesting people because I had the opportunity to meet a lot of people,” he said. He added that there is something really fun about meeting people who think a lot about things and try and understand the world.

Zavada has six children, four girls and two boys. He likes nature and hiking. One of his recent hobbies flying airplanes.

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