Apple impresses with new iOS upgrade

Seton Hall University students anxiously anticipated Apple’s new mobile software upgrade, iOS 6, to finally be available on September 19 and found it well worth the wait. The software upgrade is not just for iPhone users, however; it can be downloaded for iPad 2, iPad 3 and 4th generation iPod Touch as well. This 6th version of Apple’s operating system, one of which comes out each year, has 200 new features available yet still has the conventional structure Apple users are familiar with.

Some of the new components include a redesigned App Store, a high definition panoramic camera and the ability to turn off notifications via the Do Not Disturb option, which is certain to be a big help for those students who are easily distracted while studying.

“I think the Do Not Disturb option is awesome,” Junior Samantha Douglass, who only had her iPhone 4S for a month before iOS 6 was available, said. “It allows you to choose who can call you when it is activated.”

Junior Alexa Birchenough downloaded the iOS 6 update for her iPhone and is enjoying the latest features.

“I really like that when someone calls you, you have the option to reply with a text or to set a reminder if you can’t pick up the phone,” said Birchenough.

Sophomore Ryan Kane thinks the upgrade will be beneficial for Facebook users.

“My favorite new feature is that my iPhone syncs with Facebook now,” Kane said. He also mentioned the new layout of the App Store’s featured page is more user-friendly.

Apple seems to have pleased its customers once again with their latest mobile software upgrade and Seton Hall students are taking full advantage. It may take some time to get through all 200 of the new iOS 6 features, but surely it will happen with enough time to spare before next year’s upgrade.

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