Students ‘seal the deal’ to bring new dean of University Libraries to SHU

The freshmen are not the only new faces on campus. This semester brought a large influx of new faculty as well, including the new dean of University Libraries Dr. John Buschman.

Buschman, who received his interdisciplinary Ph.D. at Georgetown University, is the chief academic officer of the library.

He is responsible for overseeing the library budget, staff, special collections, and art gallery.

Buschman explained why he chose to come to Seton Hall after five years as Georgetown’s associate university librarian for Scholarly Resources and Services.

“I came here for a reason,” Buschman said. “I was in New Jersey for 19 years at Rider University so I knew Seton Hall. I knew what kind of an opportunity this job was. We’re not a tiny campus, but I don’t feel anonymous when I walk around, either. It’s a nice environment, but also a serious place.”

However, it was more than just the campus atmosphere that attracted Buschman to SHU. Buschman attributes his decision to work at Seton Hall to the attitude and dedication of the school’s students.

“I have to say when I interviewed for the job here it was the students who interviewed me that really sealed the deal,” Bushman said. “They were engaged and informed. They were really concerned about their fellow students and plans for the future of the library. Students at other institutions aren’t usually like that.”

As dean of University Libraries, Buschman said, he stays professionally and intellectually up to date in the areas of his work and research, which provides little time for light reading.

When he does find free time to read for his own enjoyment, Buschman prefers nonfiction or historical fiction.

Buschman said his favorite author is the political theorist Sheldon Wolin.

“He writes well and I really like what he does with his ideas and how he uses and analyzes them.” Buschman said.

“Lately, I have been recommending people read, ‘An Instance of the Fingerpost’ by Ians Pears. It’s a 17th century political and theological debate set around a murder mystery.”

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