Nursing numbers at record high

Enrollment in the College of Nursing at Seton Hall is at a re­cord high this year with nearly 1,000 students.

Dean Phyllis Hansell has been the Dean of the College of Nursing since 2000. She has seen its prosperity within the last 12 years and accredits its success to the hard work and determination of the faculty who have brought the college to where it is today.

“Back in 2000 the numbers for nursing were very low and we worked very hard to build that enrollment,” Hansell said.

She clarified that the approxi­mate number of 1,000 students is actually a bit higher than that statistic and that it includes undergraduate and graduate student in Ph.D. nursing pro­grams, registered nurses doing clinical work, Doctor of Nurs­ing Science, nurses completing their field work at a satellite campus in Lakewood, N.J., and some students enrolled in a dual degree program.

“Seton Hall is known to have a good program and when I came to visit, the professors of nursing and the head of nursing left a good impression. I felt I would learn a lot through class­es and the teachers clinical ex­periences,” freshman Gabby Taigos said.

Freshman John Adriel Ng, also a nursing major, decided to attend Seton Hall because he wanted to be challenged.

“I’ve talked to upperclassmen who have said the curriculum is challenging yet rewarding,” Ng said.

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