Quirky new start for “New Girl” season

Jess is back with her three male roommates, Schmidt, Winston and Nick, for a second season of “New Girl,” which aired on Tuesday.

The first episode, “Re-Launch,” centers on Jess’ struggle with unemployment. While a second episode, “Katie,” also aired on Tuesday evening, following Jess as she awkwardly attempts to follow her roommates’ advice and go out to find a date.

The side plots in both episodes give the audience hints of bigger plots to come. Schmidt and Cece’s relationship ended last season, but the tension between the two is more than obvious. The same goes for Nick and Jess, who are clearly the most likely to date in the house; however, “Katie” ends with Jess and Sam agreeing to carry on a casual relationship. It is unsure whether or not this relationship will last through the next episode or the entire season. Finally, Nick meets an older version of himself in “Katie,” who tells him to apologize to Jess, though he has no idea why. Is this hinting at a fight between the two of them in the near future?

Zooey Deschanel shines in these two episodes as the awkward and funny girl that viewers can relate to. Last season, Jess spent most of her time crying and depending on her roommates to make her feel better. This season, however, she is clearly stronger and more realistic about her situation, which makes her character feel so much more authentic.

If these episodes are indicative of the rest of the season, audiences should be prepared for lots of laughs and some interesting plot points.

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