Open Mic Wednesday is a success

The Student Activities Board has a knack for the planning and execution of fun events like last semester’s GrooveBoston. It seems that this year promises to be just as successful with other smaller events such as last week’s Open Mic Wednesday, which turned out to be a hit.

Open Mic Wednesday, a feature of SAB’s Coffeehouses, gave students an outlet to showcase their talent whether it be through poetry, song or other performance art forms.

Sophomore Christine Byrne, a Music and Theater Performance double major, has a passion for performing. She was able to share her talent performing “On My Own” from the play, Les Miserables.

Byrne, who aspires to someday become an actress on Broadway, chose that song specifically.

“It is my favorite and go-to song because I can really connect with the emotions in the song and the character,” she said.

Byrne enjoyed the experience of performing and would definitely go back again.

Attendance at Open Mic Wednesday was high, possibly due to high freshman enrollment this year. Moira Kelly, co-chair of SAB, said it may be because it was one of the first Open Mic Wednesdays of the semester and students are interested.

“Open Mic is a great way of allowing students to express themselves freely through any artistic measure,” junior Jerry Holly said.

Holly sees the opportunity as a way to also connect with other students.

“I would love to attend such an event because I will be awarded the opportunity to learn about different cultures and meet new people,” he said. “I will be able to see the strategies that people use to convey messages about similar topics.”

Despite the successful turn out, some students had not heard of the event.

“I haven’t really heard much about them,” Senior Sabrina Browne said. “The only music or poetry things I hear about are events P.O.E.T.I.C holds.”

According to Kelly, this year’s Open Mic might fill quickly.

“Any student that is interested in performing at open mic nights just needs to show up on Wednesday night at 8,” Kelly said. “The performances usually begin at 8:30 and sign-ups (which happen right there) usually fill up by 8:15.”

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