No Doubt trips its way into dub-step

After falling off the face of music with an 11-year hiatus, the quartet No Doubt nudged their way back into the contemporary pop scene with their newest al­bum, “Push and Shove,” released Tuesday.

The album features a mixture of genres drizzled with No Doubt’s love for being erratic. The album is a sweaty, fist-pumping, head-nodding tribute that disappoint­ingly adheres too blandly to the times.

No Doubt has always been known for their bizarre rule break­ing and uncategorized sound. Un­fortunately “Push and Shove” jumps on the recent success of the current generation’s dance mix bandwagon, wheeling in a living and breathing re-creation of dub­step.

Fortunately, it is at least a top-notch re-enactment. The horns are crisp, the guitars clean, and Stefani’s voice brightly percolates through the bass’ heavy tracks. All that aside, No Doubt’s “Push and Shove” certainly can’t be criti­cized as being mundane.

The band takes the listener through an adrenaline throttling race that speeds into dance and pop, downshifts into ska and reg­gaeton and then pumps the brakes for one country-influenced track that emulates the Dixie Chicks.

Despite their approach, the ar­chetypal No Doubt can sporadi­cally be heard throughout a few songs of the album. Although faint, conventional No Doubt lis­teners will acknowledge their old style in “Gravity,” “Sparkle” and “Dreaming the Same Dream.”

On the whole, the album doesn’t disappoint when contrasted with the present-day artists. What isn’t expected from a 25-year-old band: they’ve seemingly gotten younger. Still, the band managed to create a spunky record that’s filled with life. There is no doubt that “Push and Shove” will pump out a slew of hit singles that will overtake the charts.

The Setonian gives this album 3 out of 5 stars.

Benjamin Rader can be reached at benjamin.rader@student.shu. edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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