The Setonian’s guide to NYC

Located just 14 miles outside of New York City, Seton Hall University prides itself on providing “students with the best of both worlds,” according to the schools website. While many students are familiar with NYC, some never had the chance to attend until coming to college, and, understand­ably, can be slightly overwhelmed at the thought of exploring the Big Apple. So, to encourage people to take the trek down to the South Orange train station and adventure out into the Big Apple, here is your ultimate guide to NYC courtesy of Pirate Life:

Caf?© Champignon

Nestled on the corner of 22nd and 7th, this cozy eatery offers delicious meals for an affordable price. From a create-your-own omelet for breakfast, fresh moz­zarella and tomato sandwich for lunch to mushroom ravioli for dinner, your order is guaranteed to be fresh and delicious.

Buffalo Exchange

Despite the fact that the words “thrift store” sometimes carry a negative connotation, Buffalo Exchange quickly dismisses those thoughts. With locations in Chelsea and East Village, shoppers can expect to find designer shoes, clothes and ac­cessories in great condition for heavily discounted prices. Col­lege students everywhere are currently saying “thank you.”

Chelsea Piers

Whether you’re interested in golf, shopping or simply relax­ing by the Hudson River, Chel­sea Piers offers the perfect lo­cation to get a little break from Manhattan’s busy atmosphere. If you like a great view and are looking for a nice place to go on a date or to enjoy the nice weather, this is your spot.

S’MAC – Sarita’s Macaroni & Cheese

Featured on The Oprah Win­frey Show, in Time Out New York and more, S’MAC is the ultimate location for some good, comforting macaroni and cheese. With portion sizes ranging from “nosh” to “par­tay” and flavors that are both classic and gourmet, you’re bound to find something that gets you a little bit excited and definitely hungry.

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