Students find VMA’s fun but juvenile

Award season kicked off on Sept. 6 at 8 p.m. with MTV’s Video Mu­sic Awards leaving most students eager for something better.

While most students felt it didn’t compare to other award shows, many enjoyed Thursday’s produc­tion.

Rihanna’s elaborate opening of her song, “Cockiness,” featur­ing A$AP Rocky, was a favorite among Seton Hall students.

“She had most energy out of ev­eryone who performed,” freshman Zhamirah Sheppard said.

Similarly, sophomore Fatimah Irving’s favorite part of the VMAs was Rihanna’s performance be­cause it showcased A$AP Rocky. “He’s like an underground rapper who was finally about to get love,” she said.

Following Rihanna’s perfor­mance, comedian Kevin Hart un­conventionally introduced himself as the host of the show by pointing out the “mistakes” that celebrities made throughout the year, includ­ing Drake and Chris Brown’s feud, Snooki’s new baby and Kris­ten Stewart’s cheating scandal.

Students also favored perfor­mances by One Direction, who won three awards, Alicia Keys and Taylor Swift.

Many students, including Shep­pard, did not like the pre-show, which showcased a timeline of different celebrities’ VMA mo­ments and a performance by Demi Lovato.

“The pre-show was boring,” Sheppard said. “Normally it’s pretty good.”

Freshman Morgan Lubbe de­scribed the VMAs as the “teen­ager of all award shows,” but likes the way the audience has a say in who wins.

“The VMAs come in last place to the Grammy’s and BET Awards,” Sheppard said. “It’s kind of me­diocre.”

Freshman Chrissy Koestler also said that she likes the Grammy’s better than the VMA’s.

Even though the VMAs is not her favorite award show, junior Vania Iscandan said she still watches it.

“Something crazy usually does happen, so I look forward to it,” Iscandan said.

Melissa Murray can be reached at Melissa.murray@student.shu. edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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