Dave Matthews Band hits right notes in newest album

Dave Matthews Band debuted their newest album, “Away From the World,” on September 11, 2012. For their highly anticipated eighth studio album, the band has once again paired with Steve Lillywhite, the producer of their first three hit releases, and RCA records, to ensure this album would not disappoint.

From the distorted wails of the electric guitars, to the saddest weeps of the violins, this album shakes up the musical mold of genres; infusing rock, funk, and bluegrass. A well layered spread of instruments pave the way for a diverse list of tracks, catering to all fan bases. It ranges from sweet ballads that will melt a romantic’s heart, to the soulful funk one would hear at a New Orleans jazz festival.

Although serious DMB listeners may frown upon the delicate vocals, after listening further they’ll be quickly surprised with the bands wave-like baritones. An aural roller coaster filled with a sense of fragility yet anger is guaranteed.

The balanced blend of rhythm overlapped with the sophisticated musical texture compensates any of the album’s downfalls. The horn section, after losing their beloved saxophonist in 2008, comes back with a vengeance. Highlighting the album with an influence of modern jazz allowing multiple aspects of listening. Songs to check out: Guacho, The Riff, Drunken Soldier, If Only, and the single, Mercy.

“Away from the World” surmounts expectations of the average studio album. Their predecessors will overshadow a few of the slower songs, but most will become staples among future set lists.

This album certainly holds its own against the highly competitive market, and will no doubt do well on the charts.

The Setonian gives this album 3 out of 5 stars.

Benjamin Rader can be reached at Benjamin.rader@student.shu. edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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