Avett Brothers’ “The Carpenter” well worth two year wait

The Avett Brothers have truly built themselves a home in the folk genre with the release of their seventh studio album, “The Carpenter.”

Hailing from North Carolina, these ‘once and future’ kings of folk deliver more gorgeous melodies and heart-wrenching storytelling that makes their music so beautifully personal. The acoustic guitar, piano and classic banjo take on lives of their own as the backdrop for the brothers’ continued tales of self-discovery and life on an endlessly surprising road.

Tracks like ‘February Seven’ and ‘The Once and Future Carpenter’ take the audience through life and death, love and lust. This album is sad, soulful and lamenting just as much as it is hopeful, lively and exciting.

‘I Never Knew You’ is another classic Avett Brothers ballad to a mystery girl that is clearly very personal. The use of ‘you’ makes listeners wonder who would dare break an Avett’s heart and allows the listeners to feel as if they are watching the break up in person. “The Carpenter” takes us through the story of another girl from Michigan with a newly vibrant and percussive sound. This theme has been similar to past albums.

Consistencies such as this beyond the unmistakable and heartwarming southern twang make this album the perfect addition to the Avett Brothers’ legacy.

The Setonian gives this album 5 out of 5 stars.

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Author: Staff Writer

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