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Seton Hall University has re­cently become a more transfer-friendly school by matching the New Jersey STARS II grant start­ing this fall.

Three transfer students have al­ready received what the school is calling the New Jersey STARS II Match.

“The state of New Jersey just ex­tended NJ STARS II to be avail­able for private schools, but not to the same extent to public schools. They’re just giving up to $2,500,” Dr. Alyssa McCloud said of En­rollment Management.

The state made the announce­ment in June that the NJ STARS II grant is still giving money to transfer students to attend a public college free of charge.

According to McCloud, students who are coming to Seton Hall from New Jersey community col­leges will receive up to $2500 from the state along with a match­ing amount from the school.

McCloud said the funding for the grant comes from the Seton Hall’s budget.

McCloud said in order for a student to be eligible for the NJ STARS II Match grant, they have to be a resident of the state of New Jersey and deemed qualified “on the state end.”

“Usually in order to qualify on the state end, you have to have come out of high school with very high academic profile,” McCloud said.

“Then you have to have done well in community college and gradu­ated with a high GPA.”

The grant is given to the students for two years as long as the stu­dents maintain a 3.0 GPA while at Seton Hall.

Because this program is still new to the state, the number of students participating in it is small.

Seton Hall has also started send­ing out notifications to students in the NJ STARS program that this opportunity is being offered to them.

“We want to support the state’s efforts because we support our transfer students … and help them in any way,” McCloud said.

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