South Orange has new ‘Love’ for frozen yogurt

As students made their way back to cam­pus to begin the fall semester, the buzz about Dunkin’ Donuts’ new presence was undeni­able, but it was not only Seton Hall that got a summer upgrade. Love & Yogurt is South Orange’s newest addition to its bustling downtown area. It opened across from Vil­lage Plaza on South Orange Avenue in July.

The frozen yogurt chain, which opened its first location in Hoboken at the end of May, offers 15 daily flavors that are changed and updated weekly, sometimes daily. Some yo­gurt selections include red velvet cake and sweet potato pie, as well as the classics; va­nilla, chocolate and strawberry.

Besides the unique flavors, Love & Yogurt has a topping bar that offers a selection of candies, cereals, fresh fruits and sauces, al­lowing buyers to create custom creations each visit.

All yogurt flavors have either low or no fat, according to the chain’s official website.

“I was hoping they’d put a frozen yogurt shop downtown,” junior Jacqueline Felteau said. “And I’m really happy with how many flavors and toppings Love & Yogurt has.”

The shop not only provides healthy des­sert options, but also features a plasma screen television, colorful neon lights and free Wi- Fi to add to its magnetic atmosphere. It is sure to branch out and develop into a buzzing college town location.

Felteau said she can “absolutely” envi­sion the new shop developing into a cen­tral spot for student meetings or gather­ings in the future, due to the comfortable couches and spacious table areas.

Similar to Dunkin’ Donuts on S.O. Ave. and Cold Stone Creamery, Love & Yo­gurt also provides a discount for Seton Hall students.

“Seton Hall students get 10 percent off at any time with either [wearing] a Seton Hall shirt or [bringing] their student ID,” Miguel Casiano, store manager, said.

Despite much praise, some may be skeptical of yet another frozen yogurt shop opening in the tri-state area.

“To me, all frozen yogurt is the same,” junior Megan Furlong said. “But, I haven’t tried Love & Yogurt yet.”

Although Love & Yogurt appeared later than other froyo shops, its fun en­vironment and vast assortment of flavors makes it worth trying.

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