Pirate in the Spotlight: Joseph Donato

Joseph Donato, junior, majors in history and minors in Italian. He keeps his schedule packed as presi­dent of the SGA, a member of the Italian Student Union, College Republicans and the Chess Club. Donato also has a love for the arts as an avid jazz and Italian opera fan.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in your term as Pres­ident of SGA?

A: First and foremost I am look­ing forward to fostering stronger communication and collabora­tion between the student body, the SGA and University administra­tors. It is important for every stu­dent to know that there are leaders on campus fighting for them.

Q: You are a singer. What in­spired you to start singing? Is there anything you enjoy sing­ing the most?

A: I have had the great fortune of being raised in a family in which music was always celebrated. I was brought up with Frank Sina­tra, Dean Martin, Perry Como, Sammy Davis and the other greats, so I have always enjoyed listening to and singing the old­ies. My true love, however, is 19th century Italian opera and the classics of the Neapolitan reper­toire.

Q: How do you think Seton Hall can bring more entertainment to the school?

A: Organizations like SAB, which have done an excellent job in past years, the SGA and the University administration must come together to find the resources to bring per­formers and entertainment venues to campus. I support a democratic system to decide who will provide entertainment but featuring a vari­ety of performers, genres and ven­ues is the best way to service such a diverse campus.

Author: Staff Writer

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