Tribeca’s ‘Babygirl’ is an incoherent mess

Teenage love is a strange and confusing thing, and even more so when your mother’s deadbeat boyfriend wants to date you. That’s the problem facing Lena, a 16-year-old girl living in the Bronx. Lena is older than her years: she is often the more responsible one, picking up the pieces after Victor, her mom’s latest flame, starts moving in on Lena. The film has the opportunity to take a particularly chilling and awkward situation and make a powerful family drama, but “Babygirl” falls flat. The charac­ters make unrealistic decisions that don’t agree with their personality. Yainis Ynoa, as Lena, shows prom­ise, but the script never tells her what her character really wants, so she gets lost in the plot. Lena swears she will teach Victor a lesson, but then she ends up falling in and out of love with him.

The film is a jumbled mess of indecision.

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Author: Staff Writer

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