Class president chosen from 10 finalists as graduation speaker

The senior class president was chosen last week by a selection committee to speak at Commencement.

Audra Quintin was chosen from 10 finalists who went through tryouts after roughly 40 people applied.

“I tried out and was very confident,” Quintin said. “From there it was in the hands of the committee.”

According to Quintin, being chosen is “unexplainable.”

“I worked four long hard years as president of the class and it all pays off in that three-minute speech,” Quintin said. “I feel as if I have the biggest connection with the class.”

With graduation just 18 days away, Quintin said her speech is started but not done yet

“I wanted to be able to relate to the senior class so I was going to wait until senior week happened so I had fresh material and experience to put into my speech,” Quintin said.

According to Quintin, she is nervous, but not about the speech.

“I am very confident the content will be great,” Quintin said. “I am more nervous about the first 10 minutes before I have to go up there.”

Quintin has never spoken in front of a crowd as large as her graduating class, she said.

Quintin is looking forward to graduation and what the future will hold. She said she plans to move back home to Massachusetts and hopefully work in the Boston area while looking to get her MBA.

While she is looking forward to the future, Quintin will miss her time at the Hall.

“The one thing I will miss the most in the relationships I have made here,” Quintin said. “My best friends and the people I have met here have been my biggest support system. They have been there all four years through campaigns, tryouts, elections and events”

According to Quintin, of all the moments she has had throughout her Seton Hall career, the first senior night held was one of her best memories.

“Although I went through this school in four years having a terrific time, there was nothing like seeing nearly all the seniors packing into Cryan’s all supporting their class and what I had worked for,” Quintin said. “When people recognize your accomplishments it is a wonderful feeling.”

Quintin said she wanted to thank advisors Sarah Clifford and Dan Nugent as well as council members Cait O’Learly, Nicole Bitette and Michael Urban.

“They have been wonderful and are absolutely going to go places,” Quintin said. “They have been my foundation since day one and I could not appreciate them more.”

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