Brewery club plans to grow on campus next semester

Students are looking to start a brewery club next year as the result of a class project. Juniors Matthew Curreri and James Moorehead started the idea after growing hops, the plant used to grow beer, in the school garden as part of their permaculture class. According to Moorehead, the class started out planting the hops at a local farm, Comeback Farm, and then the professor of the class decided it would be a good idea to start growing on campus. “The professor liked growing it there, so we decided to implement it on campus,” Moorehead said. Moorehead said that he and Curreri have not talked to any officials yet about actually starting the club, however Dr. Marian Glenn of the Biology Department, said she would sponsor them. “They asked me and I said okay,” Glenn said. “But that’s really all I know about it.” Moorehead said he hopes by next year they will be able to start the club. “At this point, we’re focusing on growing the hops,” Moorehead said. “Next year we will try to organize it (the club).” According to Moorehead, The Gaslight Brewery, located in South Orange, operates a home brew store and Moorehead and Curreri are hoping to be able to sell the hops the club grows to them. “Part of our plan is to figure out if they would like to buy hops from us,” Moorehead said. “They will see locally grown hops and they should jump at the chance to use them.” Moorehead said that if The Gaslight Brewery does not want to buy hops from them, he hopes to get the club to get into the brewing process on their own. According to Moorehead, 15 percent of economic growth last year came from the brewing industry. “It’s a good business to get into,” Moorehead said. “The great thing about hops is that they’re perennial, which means they will keep growing.” Moorehead added that many different academic departments could get involved in this club, such as biology which would focus on the growing aspect, chemistry, which involves the actual brewing, and business ,which would be the selling and production part of the club. “I think sort of being able to be involved in brewing beer should be enough to attract students,” Moorehead said. Moorehead said he has always had an interest in craft beer and this club would be a great opportunity to get more students involved. “It’s always been a dream of mine to start a brew pub,” Moorehead said. “I just have an interest in craft beer.” Curreri did not respond by press time. Lindsay Rittenhouse can be reached at

Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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