University enforcing no alcohol on Green

As a mild winter turns into an unseasonably warm spring, students have gathered on the green with Frisbees, footballs and blankets.

Occasionally, some attempt to bring alcohol as well.

According to the University alcohol policy, it is a violation to have open containers of alcohol outside on campus grounds at any time, regardless of age.

Public Safety increased its presence on the green due to large gatherings of students, according to Patrick Linfante, assistant vice president for Public Safety and Security.

“Any time there is an increased number of people on the green, regardless of the weather, we will have an increased presence,” Linfante said.

Public Safety does not patrol the green during warmer weather on the assumption that students will bring alcohol or misbehave, he added.

According to Linfante, Public Safety employees help settle disputes that may occur when students on the Green play sports or happen to disturb others.

“We have 2400 residents here, and in addition we treat each faculty member, family member, and guest as one of our clients,” Linfante said.

“The consequences can vary depending on the type of violation but in all cases educational opportunities are provided to the student involved,” said Winston Roberts, assistant dean of students.

The Office of Community Standards will handle these cases because they occur outside of the residence halls. according to Roberts.

“Because of the warmer weather these kinds of violations are more likely to happen than during our colder months,” Roberts said.

Student opinions about Public Safety’s presence on the green during warmer weather reflect opposite views of what Public Safety states as its main purpose.

“I definitely feel that Securitas needs to make sure that students aren’t belligerent and are following laws, but at the same time, I don’t know if patrolling soda bottles is the best use of resources considering all of the other threats in and around campus, ” senior Nathan Morin said.

“As far as Public Safety checking out what people are drinking on the green, I understand they have a job to do but I don’t really think it is necessary to check what people are drinking if it’s from a water bottle,” said sophomore Brett Montana. “An open container that is clearly alcohol is a different story.”

An overwhelming majority of students do not come into contact with Public Safety for any offense, such as drinking outdoors on campus, according to Linfante.

“I would not say that it is a large problem at the University but a byproduct of the excitement spring and the warm weather,” Roberts said. “We encourage students to always use good and appropriate judgment and for the majority of our students they do just that.”

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