SGA hopes survey will support move to go smoke-free

Attempting to make Seton Hall a smoke-free campus, the Student Government Association sent out a smoking survey to find out students’ views of smoking on campus.

According to SGA President Derel Stroud, people are taking the survey because SGA wants to hear what the students have to say before making any changes.

Sophomore Courtney Dobbertin said she would appreciate the smoke free campus.

“I’m really not into smoking on campus because it not only affects the individual itself but also it affects others on campus as well,” Dobbertin said.

Dobbertin also said could also see how making the University smoke-free would impact casual smokers and could interfere with the number of students enrolling in Seton Hall.

Graduate student David Castrillon said he understands people have an issue with smokers and where people smoke, but he doesn’t believe that a campus ban is the best option for students.

“I understand concerns about secondhand smoking and I think it’s important to find a place for smokers,” Castrillon said. “But generally I find that it’s not as much as a problem as people make it to be.”

According to Castrillon, a smoke free campus would be unfair to the students and he thinks that making smoking kiosks and putting rules in effect would be a better idea.

“It unfairly targets a large group of students and their lifestyle,” Castrillonsaid.” “I think that making the whole of the campus a smoke free environment would be unnecessarily targeting those students.”

Senior and commuter Kananaii Mercado said she doesn’t find smoking to be an issue on campus.

“I really haven’t found any problem with the smoking,” Mercado said. “I really don’t run into any people who blow the smoke in my face or who are just standing idly smoking so it doesn’t bother me.”

According to Mercado, if a smoke free campus is put in place, people will just try to sneak cigarettes when no one is looking.

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