The Hunger Games: Music to die for

“The Hunger Games” books have already proven to have a remarkably wide appeal, ensnaring adults and children alike in its gripping, heart wrenching plot. As evidenced by the release of the movie’s soundtrack on March 20, the series has also captured the imaginations of a number of today’s most popular musicians-and has them crossing musical boundaries.

The soundtrack is titled “The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond” and consists of 16 original songs inspired by the series, written by a diverse group of artists including Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Arcade Fire, the Decembrists, and Kid Cudi. The songs demonstrate a wide variety of moods encapsulating the emotions of the trib­utes from different districts.

“Safe & Sound” by Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars

Taylor Swift also forsakes her girly, bubbly sound for more somber tones in her “Hunger Games” cut. Released in December, three months before the rest of the album, “Safe & Sound” has rightfully become the iconic “Hunger Games” song. The chilling tune per­fectly captures the essentially dark themes and essence of the “Hunger Games Trilogy.”

“Abraham’s Daughter” by Arcade Fire

Although Arcade Fire definitely stays within the boundaries of their indie rock genre, the song is notably edgier and darker than any­thing the band has produced to date. Touching on themes of unwilling sacrifice and subservi­ence, “Abraham’s Daughter” also expertly cap­tures the mood of the Hunger Games Trilogy’s opening book, which is perhaps the reason why this song was chosen to play at the end of the movie.

“Come Away to the Water” by Maroon 5, feat. Rozzi Crane

Known for their catchy and typically up-beat pop-rock music, if it wasn’t for Adam Levine’s unmistakable voice, listeners might not even recognize “Come Away to the Water” as a Maroon 5 song. Featuring Rozzi Crane, the track is moody and forlorn, and can probably be best categorized as a contemporary folk song- a striking difference from Maroon 5’s most recent hit single “Moves Like Jagger.”

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