South Orange a top college town for adults to live

The Village of South Orange ranked No. 9 on MSN’s real estate’s list of top 10 college towns.

The compiled list features the top 10 college town best suited for adults.

Senior Marcy Gimenez said she agreed that South Orange is a well suited college town for adults to move to because Seton Hall is a pretty quiet school.

“I can agree with that,” Gimenez said. “Seton Hall isn’t really a huge party school.”

The article states that the college towns that made the list were those considered as being peaceful and free of noisy students.

Freshman Veronica Beck said she did not agree that the town is completely peaceful for adults only.

“I think for the older crowd, it’s not,” Beck said. “There are a lot of things for the younger crowd to do in town.”

A visitor of a Seton Hall student, Jarren Miller, who attends college in California, said South Orange does not seem like much of a place to be for students.

“There’s not much to do outside of restaurants,” Miller said. “The town is good for an older crowd, definitely older than the college crowd.”

Freshman Sean Eckmann said the town is a good place for students because it is connected to New York City.

“It’s a good area to be in,” Eckmann said. “The train station makes it (South Orange) connected to anything.”

Eckmann added that the South Orange area around campus has potential.

“It’s definitely not the best, but pretty good,” Eckmann said. “It’s what you make of it.”

Many students agree on the fact that they can always find something to do in town.

Freshman Shanice Smith said she grew up in Newark and always went to South Orange with friends because of the proximity to different activities.

“Everything is near food places, New York, the mall and park,” Smith said.

“I’ve been going to South Orange for more than six years with friends and I love the scenery and environment,” Smith said.

Freshman Maggie McNaii said she agreed that there is a lot for students to do in South Orange.

“There’s SOPAC and all the little stuff down there,” McNaii said.

According to the article, adults come to South Orange because of low crime rate and the colonial feel the town has.

Junior Ilene Belgira said the low crime rate is good for students because she feels safer when leaving a night class.

“I always see police out,” Belgira said. “They are trying their best to lower (the crime rate).”

Not only adults appreciate the picturesque feel South Orange emits, but students do as well.

“South Orange is definitely scenic when the trees bloom, it’s so pretty,” Beck said.

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