Dunkin’ Donuts to open at Walsh Library next fall

Dunkin’ Donuts will no longer be a walk into town. Seton Hall University announced Monday that a Dunkin’ Donuts will be opening on campus for the fall 2012 semester.

“The rumors are true: we are getting a Dunkin” Donut franchise on campus,” Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Karen Van Norman said Monday at the Student Government Association meeting. “It’s going to be put into the library and it’s going to be 24-hour service Monday through Thursday.”

Van Norman said she was unsure of where exactly the Dunkin’ will be located in the library. However, it will be accessible to students even when the library closes at night.

Van Norman said Dunkin’ Donuts will be open all day nad night Monday through Thursday, Fridays from 7:30 a.m. to 1 a.m., and Saturdays 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

In response to the Dunkin’ Donuts opening, GDS will alter its hours for the fall, according to Van Norman. The Pirate Express will close two hours earlier and the Cove will be open until 1 a.m. for full service, an addition of two hours.

“This will be open for a semester and will be re-evaluated during the fall semester,” Van Norman said.

The planned Dunkin’ Donuts has been well received by students.

“I really believe that the students will show a positive response,” Derel Stroud, President of SGA, said. “Although the area discussed [for the placement of the Dunkin’ Donuts] is an area in which students study, I believe it will be received well and would be able to adjust accordingly.”

“I’m excited for everyone else but I’m a little upset that I won’t be on campus for the Dunkin’ Donuts,” Maria Bender, a senior biology major, stated. “We would’ve loved to have that.”

Tammy Silva, biochemistry major, said the location would be useful for students studying in the library.

“I think it will probably influence more of the students to go study because it will be more accessible,” Silva said. “I hate to leave to go the cafeteria, especially when it’s raining.”

Van Norman said the Dunkin’ Donuts will serve its own food and not GDS options. The Dunkin’ Donuts will take Pirate’s Gold.

Construction is set to take place during the summer, according to Van Norman

According to GDS’s website, one of their other clients, Bergen Community College, also features a Dunkin’ Donuts on campus.

Associate Vice President of Facilities and Operations John Signorello and GDS were not available to comment by press time.

Jessica Card can be reached at jessica.card@student.shu.edu.

Editor’s Note: The headline for this story originally said the Dunkin’ Donuts would be 24/7. That is incorrect and has been changed. The Setonian apologizes for this error.

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