Cost of readership program halts initiative

After a successful pilot run, the Collegiate Readership Program has been put on hold due to funding, according to SGA President Derel Stroud.

Stroud commented Monday at their weekly meeting that the pilot run had been well received on campus.

“I think it really benefits us as a school and puts us among the other top ranking schools,” Stroud said. “However, it costs money to continue to run [the program]; and the money it costs cannot just come from the SGA.”

The program costs between $12,000 and $16,000 per year to run. Stroud said he suggests looking into departmental sponsorships to help fund the program.

In his remarks, Stroud also said he is looking into reinstating the sale of chewing gum on campus. Previously, the sale of chewing gum was banned due to students carelessly discarding it.

Stroud said after conversations with Vice President for Student Services, Tracy Gottlieb, Ph.D., the University is not opposed to allowing gum to be sold on campus but would like to remind students to dispose of it properly.

SGA will also begin work with the Bursar’s office to automatically generate a warning for students with holds on their accounts. Stroud said he feels this will give an advantageous forewarning to students with holds.

Student Life Committee Chair, Joe Donato, updated the SGA on his projects including adding a juice machine near Leafs and Grains.

Donato said he is looking to talk to Housing and Residence Life about allowing commuter students to sign into residence halls during finals week.

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