Good Old War debuts great new tunes

The increasingly popular indie-folk band Good Old War released their third album this past Tuesday and “Come Back as Rain” will have everyone coming back for more. The 11-song album stays true to the Philadelphia-based band’s eclectic roots but introduces a slower, more relaxed sound. The trio, which consists of Tim Arnold, Keith Goodwin and Dan Schwartz, provide listeners with breezy music that is easy to listen to.

While all 11 tracks bring something different to the album, there are a few in particular that stand out. The opening track “Over and Over” is an up-beat tune that gives listeners a taste of the gentle undertone of heartbreak and love that endures throughout the album takes.

“Amazing Eyes” has a soft melody that can be heard in other songs throughout the album. This song seems to set the stage for the overall feel for the album: the soft melodies are driving factors in all the tracks.

Another standout song on the album is “Loud Love” which features solos by all three members of the band. There is a great vocal approach in this song that brings a new type of variety to Good Old War’s sound. In this particular song and in many others, there is a sense of honesty present that seems to come easily.

In all, the album is everything fans expected and more. It is honest, beautiful and exposed. Goodwin, Arnold, and Schwartz show listeners that they can be true to who they are as a band but can also introduce new sounds and unexpected melodies. Every single song on “Come Back as Rain” is lovely and relatable and is definitely worth adding to your spring break playlist.

Author: Staff Writer

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