New dorm decorating ideas

Need dorm decorating ideas? Whether you’re bored with the setup or with the decorations, rearranging and redecorating your room can be fun and affordable!

Get creative ideas while browsing the inventory of stores such as IKEA, Target, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, A. C. Moore, Five Below, Dollar Tree, The Christmas Tree Shop and Michael’s. Living in a comfortable environment can make studying and living with a roommate better and you only have to spend pennies.

Start by choosing colors, patterns and a new floor setup. Rearrange your room each semester to either make the room appear larger or create more floor space. This gives you an extra incentive to shop and create a new atmosphere.

Senior Nicole Blackford wanted to make her room special.

“I wanted to make it my home away from home and put things that represent my personality,” Blackford said.

Blackford bought picture frames and decorations at Marshalls, most for under $10. She also bought towels and toiletries from Target and made things herself using supplies from A. C. Moore.

Junior Clair Tattoli was inspired to decorate her room for comfort, since she spends a lot of time in her room studying.

“I wanted to make a space that was organized, that didn’t remind me of school or a dorm room, but a place I could get away and relax in,” she said.

Tattoli’s makeup container only cost her $10 at Bed, Bath & Beyond along with her DVD holders.

“The drawers under my bed were $30 for the two larger ones and $15 for the smaller one,” she said.

Tattoli and her roommate also cleaned and rearranged their desks and beds to make the space look bigger and more appealing.

Junior Lauren Cicale said she tried to make decorating her dorm an exciting art project.

“I wanted to make my dorm like my room at home – like a princess’ (room),” Cicale said. “I wanted my dorm to be color-coordinated with my roommate, my side is pink and her side is blue.”

Cicale made name signs for her and her roommate from glitter foam paper from Michael’s for 30 cents, each spending a total of $3. She bought her flower and chandelier wall art from Target and bought two key holders from The Christmas Tree Shop for 80 cents each.

Be creative and enjoy.

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