Three-quarters of trips to ER were freshman

Seton Hall’s Department of Housing and Resident Life is working to implement safety awareness among students after a total of 66 hospital transports occurred during the fall semester, including 28 alcohol-related cases.

Albert Cardona, associate director of HRL, said the amount of alcohol-related transports last semester is alarming, since it has nearly doubled from last year’s total of 15 for the academic year (both fall and spring semesters).

“For SHU administrators, the figures are a growing concern, which is why administrative departments are making an effort to do their part and help educate our students,” Cardona said.

He said that the alcohol transports involve all of the student body, however, freshmen comprise of 76 percent of the total.

The final figures of students requiring alcohol-related transports in the fall involved 19 freshmen, three sophomores, one junior, one senior and one alumnus.

Cardona said several factors contributed to the increased number of transports.

“‘Pre-gaming’ is a regular topic that comes up with judicial cases,” Cardona said. “However, the issue of transports is related to the lack of responsible consumption, which is why HRL is making an effort to deliver the message to our resident population.”

In an effort to help educate the student body, resident assistants were informed of the significant increase in alcohol transports, Cardona said.

Amanda Berliner, a resident assistant in Cabrini Hall, said the increase in transports is a shocking statistic.

“As RAs, we do our best to educate residents about the dangers of irresponsible and underage drinking through programs, bulletin boards and one-on-one conversations,” Berliner said. “We try to encourage participation in on-campus events that are alcohol-free.”

Cardona said the HRL department is currently finalizing plans for additional programs to be held later in the spring semester.

The number of alcohol-related transports is down this semester, with a total of just two transports for residents, Cardona said.

“Hopefully this semester, students will participate in more alcohol-free activities, learn from the troubling number of transports from last semester and take care of themselves better,” Berliner said.

Cardona said he suggests students educate themselves regarding the effects of alcohol and make wise choices.

“There are many college-aged students across the United States that perish each year due to the effects of alcohol, and I pray that statistic does not become reality here at Seton Hall University,” Cardona said.

Berliner said she hopes the students will learn from the bad circumstances of last semester and change their ways.

“College is a time to have fun, but more importantly to learn and to be safe,” Berliner said. “There is a way to do all three at the same time.”

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