SGA seeking to change GDS Box Meal Program

The Student Government Association will investigate lowering the 24-hour wait time for students of Gourmet Dining Services Box Meal Program at its weekly meeting on Monday.

President Derel Stroud said the program was first created for students going to internships, so the hours were not a problem, since students would know when they needed the meal to be ready.

According to Stroud, now more students are ordering from the program because they do not want to eat in the cafeteria, making the 24-hour wait an inconvenience.

Stroud said the program is convenient otherwise because meals can be ordered straight from a smartphone, and just the wait time needs to be reduced.

The SGA also discussed the petition sent to administration to lower the cost of replacing lost IDs.

Sen. Joseph Donato said Dean of Students Karen Van Norman agrees with SGA on pressing the University to lower the fees.

“Not only do we want to lower the fees, we don’t want them (students) to be charged three, four, five times,” Donato said. “If I’m returning a $20 temporary ID, I should get $20 back.”

Donato said lowering student ID fees is one of his main priorities.

SGA addressed the library hours as another facet of the University they want changed.

Sen. Drew Holden proposed an initiative to have the library be open 24 hours for five days a week.

Holden said that students not only look for more library hours, but also seek a place where they can always go to study.

Holden said that while working on getting the library to be open for students 24/5, that there should be other places on campus that students can go to in the meantime to get work done at any hour.

Holden said he talked to Van Norman about the issue and the only problem she brought up was the cost to keep the library open.

Putting the expense concerns aside, SGA senators stressed the need for students to have a place to study and will try to create an effective working environment for them.

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