Replanting initiative will repair storm damages

The Department of Facilities and Operations will implement a replanting program to repair damages from severe weather last semester.

John Signorello, associate vice president of facilities and operations, said the program will replace trees damaged by Hurricane Irene and the October snowstorm.

“We have been working with a nursery looking at replanting options,” Signorello said. “With the mild winter, Facilities has continued to remove damaged trees and prune damage from trees that will remain.”

According to Signorello, the program will replace almost all the trees lost due to the weather. “The loss of trees was the primary impact to campus as a result of the fall storms,” Signorello said. “Additional trees will be removed as we start to replant.”

According to student Sal D’Alia, the lack of trees on campus is a better alternative to what it looked like prior to when the work began.

“I think it looks better than having the trees lying around with a mess of branches,” D’Alia said.

Until new trees are planted, student Christopher Phillips said he will miss how campus looks in the spring.

“I’m going to miss a lot of the green in the spring, especially outside some of the buildings like Boland and Corrigan,” Phillips said. “The stumps are ugly.”

According to student Joe Parente, the campus looks dull with the lack of trees.

“I think it looks terrible, I’m going to miss the beautiful scenery,” Parente said. “It’s pretty bare, lifeless and desolate. It’s more like a desert than a campus.”

D’Alia said that the trees should be uprooted and replanted.

“You can’t just leave stumps everywhere in an open space,” D’Alia said.

With both replanting and the state of campus a priority, Signorello is hoping students will stop littering “especially in the parking deck.”

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