SGA to address cafeteria cleanliness

The Student Government Association discussed the condition of tables in the cafeteria at their weekly Monday meeting.

According to President Derel Stroud, Housing and Residence Life contacted the SGA to discuss the problem with the bussing of the tables in the cafeteria by students.

Stroud said that Gourmet Dining Services is not able to clear everything due to lack of space.

“Because there is nowhere for anyone to sit, GDS is getting backed up by picking up the plates and the trays and everything,” Stroud said.

To help the problem, HRL is going to make flyers to put in the napkin holders as well as blowing up a large flyer, according to Stroud.

Stroud also said SGA will be handing out some flyers and maybe getting an outreach table sometime in the next two weeks outside the Galleon Room to talk to students about the importance of cleaning up after themselves.

“Your mom doesn’t work here, your mom’s not here, it’s not home,” Stroud said. “We have GDS workers who should be in another area in there cleaning up plates after students, and that’s not fair to them and that’s not fair to other students that want to eat.”

Sen. Drew Holden said he agreed that the garbage in the cafeteria was a problem.

According to Holden, the state of the cafeteria is both “disgusting and appalling.”

“When I walk into the cafeteria and there’s garbage all over the tables I find it offensive and I feel like I’m eating with kindergartners,” Holden said.

According to Holden, the campus needs to raise and establish a culture where a student leaving his trash around is not okay.

“I think it shows very poorly for this campus about the quality of students and the maturity of students and I think it seriously needs to be addressed,” Holden said.

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