MTV seeks underclassmen for trivia game show

An ambush-style game show on MTV is looking to recruit Seton Hall freshmen and sophomores for a local casting call this month.

According to a news release, “The Substitute,” preparing to film its second season, shows a substitute teacher taking over a classroom to “test students on things they should and shouldn’t know.” One winner per episode will win the grand prize, which as of press time is $5,000, according to Ashley Friedman, representative for “The Substitute” casting calls.

According to Friedman, the show will not be shooting at Seton Hall, but on a soundstage in New York City.

“To clarify, we are currently doing a casting call to all interested freshmen and sophomores who are interested in meeting with the casting producers for the show,” Friedman said. “We are looking forward to meeting any Seton Hall students who may want to participate, but as of now there are no guarantees that the University will be participating.”

According to the news release, the game begins when MTV’s “substitute teacher” walks into the classroom and shocks the students by telling they are contestants on the game show.

Students will compete against each other in a series of trivia challenges that will “turn their classroom upside down,” the release said.

“For legal reasons, there is very little that we can discuss about the casting process,” Friedman said.

According to Friedman, students who are interested in being considered should email her at for more information as soon as possible. All students who are interested in this opportunity must be at least 18 years old.

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