Seton Hall nursing students present at Kentucky male nursing conference

Two Seton Hall students presented their research paper “The Barriers to Men in Nursing” at a male nursing conference in Lexington, KY.

Nursing major, Eddie Cuza, and former nursing major Matt Power interviewed four male nurses with 15 years of experience. They also spoke with staff nurses during their school clinical days, nursing students and prospective students to try to discover why there are more females in the nursing field than males.

The conference was hosted by the American Assembly of Male Nurses. According to Cuza, this was the first time that students had ever presented at the conference.

“When we got the acceptance e-mail, I couldn’t believe it,” Cuza said. “I was so eager at the opportunity for us as students to prove ourselves and represent Seton Hall.”

Cuza said he and Power chose the topic, “The Barriers to Men in Nursing”, because he said they have “access to the root of the issue”.

The first step to being able to present at the conference was to submit an abstract which laid out what their presentation would be on, and what the result and goals of their research was.

Cuza said he and Power spoke to many professionals in the field at the conference, including students, staff nurses, graduate nurses, research and hospital administrators and the dean of nursing, Dr. Phyllis Hansell who flew out to support his students.

Cuza said their audience was very much engaged in the presentation.

“Our Q&A session went well over the allotted time given,” Cuza said. “The AAMN marketing board director was present, asking questions about our perspective, asking for advice and even for participation on their marketing board, it was almost surreal.”

According to Cuza, this conference opened up many new opportunities for him and Power, starting with Power being featured in a promotional video ad on YouTube for AAMN.

“I just had a lunch over Christmas break with the board members of AAMN’s Vanderbilt University Chapter talking about their program, and letting me know if I applied to the school for any graduate programs that they would support me with my application process,” Cuza said.

Also, Cuza added that he and Power submitted an application to start a chapter at Seton Hall, which should be approved by the end of the month.

“We’ll be the only chapter in NJ and with so many professionals in the area,” Cuza said. “We should be a beacon for male nurses looking to network in the garden state.”

Cuza said he encourages other students to take opportunities like this and gave some advice to those who do.

“Rehearse as much as possible, but don’t completely ‘stick to the notes'” Cuza said. “Also, don’t be shy or hesitant to embark on these opportunities, it really sets you apart in such a positive way when you take the chance. It betters yourself and your career.”

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