Snow Patrol brings techno beats

The sound of a hyped electronic techno beat may bring to mind club scenes in “Jersey Shore” and result in fist pumping. But what if the music that creates such a vibrant scene is being played by Snow Patrol? This may have seemed like an un-likely scenario until the band released its sixth album, “Fallen Empires” last week.

Prior to the newest album, Snow Patrol had only performed their standard tranquil, soothing sounds. In “Fallen Empires” the band beats out its new techno sound in many of the tracks. The change in the band’s sound has made critics skeptical, especially since techno music is far from Snow Patrol’s style. After five albums, it may be difficult for fans to hear something unfamiliar and foreign to the band’s genre. However, songs like “Called Out In the Dark,” which has an ‘80s disco beat, do not by any means do the album or the band an injustice.

Although Snow Patrol’s “Fallen Empires” experiments with their sound, fans do not need to panic. Only a few songs sound different from what is expected on a Snow Patrol al-bum. The majority of the tracks are the classic, melancholy tunes. Despite the few techno beats, the band does not stray from its sound, as even those songs could not be considered as anything but as a Snow Patrol song. The same calming feeling and flow of the words are not easily mistaken as anything but Snow Patrol’s true style, as the band has a unique sound that draws their listeners in.

“I’ll Never Let Go” and “This Isn’t Everything You Are” are examples of the band staying true to its roots. Either song could easily have been on any of the other five albums the band has produced, which means the album is either nothing special or the band remains the same Snow Patrol fans expected to hear. The latter is more likely as the quality has not changed. Each song seems deserving of a spot on the album.

While the differences in sound with the techno beats are notable, most of the tracks are the same typical and expected style as past releases. The anxiety critics and fans may have over the small change of sound on “Fallen Empires” is unnecessary. Snow Patrol’s discovery of a new sound only shows the progression they have made as a group.

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