President of College Republicans predicts Romney as party nominee

“(Romney) will have a good chance to defeat President Obama,” said Rickey Santosusso, chairman of Seton Hall University’s College Republicans.

Santosusso said the group has been working hard to educate students about the candidates and the election process through its meetings and events in preparation for the November presidential election.

According to Santosusso, the College Republicans feel “it is important for college students to be involved in politics regardless of their party or ideology.”

For college students, a healthy economy would mean better job prospects, Santosusso said. Therefore, the candidate who focuses on the economy will likely have an edge with the college population.

The College Republicans as a group have not endorsed a candidate, Santosusso said, because they follow the lead of the Republican National Committee and endorse the candidate who is elected through the primary system.

Santosusso said that while the group does not endorse a candidate, he felt Mitt Romney will likely be the Republican presidential candidate in the 2012 election.

Despite President Obama gaining support from college students during the 2008 election, some Seton Hall students feel that he has disappointed some while in his term.

“I do not think that President Obama has lived up to his expectations, but I don’t even think George Washington could have with the state of the government and Congress right now,” freshman Anthony Nickele said.

Nickele said he felt one of the most important issues in this election cycle was job creation.

Sophomore Joseph Riccardelli agreed with Nickele’s sentiment that while Obama had not lived up to expectations, he was not the only person to blame for the nation’s problems.

Riccardelli said that while Obama had not shown enough leadership to create bi-partisanship in Congress, “he’s by far not the only one to blame.”

Riccardelli said that he does not feel any real excitement about any of the other candidates.

“Currently, I feel that none of the representatives left have any grasp of what it means to be a middle-class American in tough times,” Riccardelli said.

The College Democrats did not respond to requests for comment as of press time.

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