Reading day guaranteed for future final exam schedules

As finals approach, Seton Hall’s faculty realizes the pressure that is put on students to do well on their exams, which is why Reading Day is given as a day away from the classroom.

Students may use this time however they want, whether it be studying, catching up on homework, or simply relaxing.

In the past, the University has offered special treats on this day, such as massages and baked goods, according to Associate Provost and Dean of Freshman Studies Tracy Gottlieb.

Gottlieb said Reading Day is a good pause so that students can prepare for finals in any way they feel necessary.

“It gives students the opportunity to take a break, to catch up, or to study, if that’s what they feel they need,” Gottlieb said.

Some students have shown concern that the University does not always provide a Reading Day for them, however according to Gottlieb, this only occurs when classes end on a Friday, therefore already giving students ample amount of time over the weekend to relax or study.

However, Gottlieb is assured that Reading Day will be scheduled for the next two years.

“We are committed to providing students with a Reading Day if we can,” Gottlieb said.

All of the students interviewed said Reading Day is a great way to relax and get ready for finals.

Senior Elizabeth Wilk said she wished the University gave students a week off rather than just one day, such as other schools do.

“I’m sure some students take advantage of it, but others just sleep in like me,” Wilk said. “There’s not much you can do in one day.”

Other students disagreed with Wilk and said one day is plenty of time to get what they need to do done.

Junior Lauren Restaino said Reading Day is a good break to “take a breather” before starting up again.

“A week would be too long, we are all anxious to get out of here,” Restaino said.

Freshman Phalon Thornhill agreed with Restaino and said a week would be too much.

“It’s smart to get time to reflect, but a week is a bit much,” Thornhill said. “One day, maybe two is fine.”

Gottlieb added that peer advisors and study groups are also available on Reading Day to help students prepare, however these are things that are always there for students to take advantage of.

“We don’t want students to panic,” Gottlieb said. “We want them to feel relaxed and ready when starting exams.”

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