Bayside ‘Saves the Day’ with hit performance

As the bright yellow lights ignited the stage, the infectious pop-punk sound of the band Transit sparked the attention of the restless audience, who were waiting impatiently for the show to begin. The band, who comes from Boston, opened the show for Saves the Day and Bayside at Irving Plaza on Nov. 16.

The second opening band, I am the Avalanche, only amplified the audience’s excitement with their fast-paced songs and comical band members. Most of the audience was familiar with songs from their new album “Avalanche United,” made obvious by the number of people singing along. Members of the band make cameo appearances throughout the night, singing with Bayside and crowd-surfing in the audience.

Saves the Day received the most recognition from the audience, who fervently sang with the band for a whole hour. With lead singer Chris Conley bopping in front of his microphone, the band played tracks from their new CD “Daybreak,” as well as songs from their previous six albums. They paused only to accept drinks from off-stage.

Bayside lead singer Anthony Raneri began singing a slower rendition of “Blame it on Bad Luck.” As soon as the song reached the chorus, music exploded and the Bayside banner was released behind them. They continued playing popular songs from both their new album “Killing Time” and their previous albums, including “Hello Shitty” and “Almost Gone.”

However, the most memorable moment was when Bayside played the acoustic “Don’t Call Me Peanut,” a gut-wrenchingly sad track that Raneri sang with the raw emotion that a CD could never replicate. In fact, their entire performance far surpassed that of their CD’s.

Saves the Day ended the night successfully with three final songs, including “Montauk” and “Devotion and Desire,” which they dedicated to the previous bands in honor of their final night touring together.

Saves the Day will continue touring from December through February, while Bayside will be touring with Taking Back Sunday after Christmas.

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