Twilight’ saga’s fourth installment opens in theaters

After fans have waited over a year, they will surely want to take a bite into “Breaking Dawn: Part 1” of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. Twi-hards of all ages will be flocking to the nearest theatre for the midnight showing of the first of the two part final installment opening on Friday, Nov. 18.

In the fourth and final book, Bella and Edward marry and go on their honeymoon with plans to change Bella into a vampire. Everything suddenly changes when Bella becomes ill and has to return to Forks, only to find out she is pregnant—a near-impossiblity between a human and a vampire.

Bella struggles to hold onto her life as the nonhuman baby grows inside her drastically changing the lives of the Cullens and the wolf pack. As the lesson of abstinence is no longer an issue in the movie, the discussion of abortion is brought up in deciding if Bella should risk her own life to have her unborn baby. With the help of Rosalie, Bella makes the ultimate decision. The effects of her decision will be seen in the final movie to be released this summer.

“Breaking Dawn” has an elaborate plot and the book is divided into two parts so it makes sense to split the movie and create anticipation among the fans to see the final installment. Alyana Quattrocchi, senior, said that having two parts is going to make the movie better. “Hopefully they will cover everything in the book,” said Quattrocchi. “I just don’t want to wait to see the second part.”

While splitting the film into two parts like the book can be seen as a logical step, there is some anxiety among fans whether splitting the movie into two parts is a good idea.

Abby Brown, freshman, is worried about the movie being split. “It’s such a good book that you don’t want to see it split up. You just want to see what happens,” she said.

Lauren Vesper, junior, thinks making the movie into two parts is a good idea. “I don’t think the movie being split up will be that big of a deal, because it would have been too long to be one movie anyway,” Vesper said.

A general consensus among fans seems to be excitement over seeing the long-anticipated married life of Edward and Bella.

Quattrocchi said, “I’m the most excited for Bella and Edward’s wedding and when she gives birth to Reneseme [the baby],”

Vesper agreed that those scenes are the most anticipated events in the movie. “I’m most excited to see the wedding and what happens with Bella’s baby, because those are things that the other movies and previews have been leading up to,” she said.

Although the Twilight movies are often criticized for poor acting, true Twi-hards will still go see the movies because of the thrill of seeing the books come alive on the big screen.

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