Echo Movement album review: Sounds of reggae still ‘Echo’ across N.J.

With a new album in mind, Echo Movement, a local New Jersey band, decided they had to change something about their old music and fuse it with a new style they have formed over the last several years. Echo Movement has decided that their new album, “Music Played On,” will not only show some of their new material to the world, but will also re-master some of their previously-recorded songs.

In “Music Played On,” Echo Movement does an exceptional job at adding a new flair to the reggae scene. A typical reggae band has melodies with the guitar and steel drum, but Echo Movement took those instruments and expanded on them. They use a great brass section with perfect harmonies and rhythm that make this album both comforting and relaxing while never getting boring.

“Bring It To You” features great harmonies right from the beginning of the song, giving off a vibe that makes any listener just sit back and let the music take over. There are various sound effects in the beginning, including birds chirping, which really gave the song a chill and peaceful feeling that the band was clearly going for. Towards the end of the song there is a trumpet solo that is done exceptionally well and contains very intricate finger movements by the soloist. It contains a lot of quick jump offs, which make it a very smooth and fun solo to listen to.

“Down Time,” is full of solos from the tenor sax, electric guitar and keyboards. All of the solos are well-played and interesting which give the album an exciting dynamic.

Although this is a rather short album, it is incredibly engaging to any listener, not just reggae fans. There seems to be a mini jam session or solo in each song which shows that these guys are having a lot of fun in what they do.

Anyone interested in hearing that band live can go see Echo Movement at The Stone Pony in Asbury Park on Nov. 19.

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