CPR classes offered at discount

The Biology Society offered its members a CPR class for $10 last week, which compares to the classes offered on campus by an independent contractor for approximately $75.

“One of our members is a certified CPR class instructor; she offered us a price of $20 per student just for the manikin rentals and such,” Faith Ikalina, president of the Biology Society said. “She teaches the class as a volunteer service.”

Both classes were for American Heart Association (AHA) Healthcare Provider CPR, according to the Bio Society and AHA instructor Tara Roche. The class runs for several hours and the certification last for two years.

While Roche’s classes are offered on an “as-needed basis,” the Biology Society hopes to run another class next semester.

This class would possibly be open to non-members. Additionally, the Biology Society hopes to run a First Aid class.

“We think it would be great if we can open it up to the SHU community,” Ikalina said.

Ikalina said that the Biology Society covered half the cost of the CPR class for students. The cost to each student was $10.

If opened to the general community, the Biology Society would consider raising the non-member price.

“If [a future class] is a large class, Bio Society’s funds might be too limited to offer a reduced price to everyone,” Ikalina said. “In that case, non-members would probably have to pay $20 and members would pay $10.”

Roche declined to comment on pricing for her classes.

Johanna Cecilio, a sophomore biology major, and member of the Biology Society said she attended the class offered by the club.

“I thought the price was very reasonable,” Cecilio said. “Taking the CPR class is so we can help benefit others, and paying a hefty price might persuade some people to not take the course.”

Additionally, both Cecilio and Ikalina had positive feedback about the Biology Society’s class.

“The material was presented in an easy manner and everyone seemed to understand it quickly,” Cecilio stated. “I heard only positive results from the students I took the course with.”

All nursing majors are required to complete an American Heart Association CPR class, according to Roche.

The requirement must be completed before their first clinical year.

Jessica Card can be reached at jessica.card@student.shu.edu.

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