Suburgatory’ is charming sitcom

Despite its name, ABC’s “Suburgatory” is a piece of heaven.

“Suburgatory” is a charming and light-hearted comedy about a teen girl, uprooted from her home in exciting, bustling New York City and thrown into the suburbs of Chatswin with its over-tanned, velour-track-suit-wearing, sugar-free-red-bull-drinking shallow residents.

A mix between ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” and the movie “Mean Girls,” “Suburgatory” is entertaining and full of laughs.

Tessa, played by Jane Levy, is an endearing character due to her spunky and witty demeanor. “Law and Order’s” Jeremy Sisto also woos audiences playing Tessa’s charismatic dad George Altman, a new divorcee and caring single parent.

It is not long before moving out of the city that Tessa sees that she does not fit into her new suburban neighborhood. Tessa mixes things up in Chatswin, while searching for an escape plan back home to the city.

The comedy is enthralling in that many can relate to Tessa, because Levy is able to capture the emotions and comedic frustrations of Tessa so perfectly.

In an interview with the New York Post, Levy said, “A big thing for Tessa and something that I took from my own experience is how much of a bubble the suburbs are. I remember having friends cry because they had to cut two inches off their beautiful long hair. They get that from the moms who spend so much time on their image and they shelter their kids from everything.”

In the latest episode Tessa, who sees how wasteful the students of Chatswin High are, tries to get the students to be a bit more frugal and conscious about their behavior. But this plan backfires as the superficial students decide to use their charity to send facial products to people in Florida to “save Florida’s face.”

Though the depiction of the suburbs in “Surburgatory” is over the top stereotypical, it is both amusing and refreshing to watch.

“Suburgatory” is a definite must-see. Viewers can catch up with past episodes on ABC’s website. New episodes can be seen on Wednesdays on ABC at 8:30 p.m.

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