Second fabricated crime in a year is inexcusable

In the early hours of Sunday morning, the Seton Hall community awoke to a series of PirateAlert messages that revealed yet another event in what has been a crime ridden few weeks. A female student had reported that she was robbed on Tichenor Avenue and Irvington Avenue as she walked alone. While many students spent the hours after the alleged robbery pointing fingers at the University, citing that safety remains unachievable in South Orange, they were eventually made aware that for the second time in a year, a Seton Hall student had lied about a crime.

The alleged on-campus sexual assault last year left the campus community shocked that such a crime could occur on campus. When it was brought to light that the allegations were unfounded and determined as false, students felt tricked. In the wake of yet another fabricated story, we are unfortunately left feeling tricked again, and more importantly, shaking our heads in shame that someone else in the community thought that it was okay to act that way.

The Setonian has repeatedly commended the University and Public Safety for their attempts at securing campus and the surrounding areas. While it is true that crime has been an issue in the last few weeks, it is completely inexcusable to fabricate a crime, for the sake of comedy, attention or any other reason. Safety is already a prominent issue at Seton Hall – we do not need someone fueling the fire, especially when it is lies.

The South Orange Police Department is pressing charges, as it should. Students must understand that this kind of behavior is not a joke.

Author: Editorial Board

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