Timberlake ‘occupies’ the big screen

“In Time,” a new action movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, tells the story of a future world where time and money are synonymous. In this alternate reality, you stop aging when you turn 25, and running out of money means you run out of time.

It is a film for everyone, blending the perfect combination of thrills, action, sci-fi and romance.

Timberlake’s character Will Salas is a factory worker who lives from day to day, never having more than twenty hours on his clock. During an encounter with an extremely wealthy man who has lived for over a hundred years, Will realizes that people are not meant to live forever. “For a few to be immortal, many must die,” warns the wealthy man.

When Will is accused of murdering the man and stealing his fortune (what amounts to a century of extra life), he goes on the run with the mission to spread time to the masses, even if the means of doing so are not legal. He believes no one should have hundreds of years to live while others are struggling for just a few more hours.

Justin Timberlake is the ultimate triple threat. Who knew back in the ‘90s that the former “Mickey Mouse Club” child star turned boy band front man would become a serious movie star? The fast-paced action film showcases Timberlake at his best.

It could just be the wig she wears in “In Time,” but Amanda Seyfried’s acting has matured remarkably. The “Mean Girls” and “Mamma Mia” star takes on a more serious role as well-to-do heiress Sylvia Weis, who becomes Timberlake’s partner in crime and love interest.

The two make a good duo and play off of each other’s acting extremely well.

The film has a great underlying message when you read between the lines. While symbolizing how a few people own the majority while the larger amount of people live under the poverty line, Timberlake’s character makes an effort to end monopolies and create an equal distribution of wealth. The poor live day to day hoping it won’t be their last while the rich easily drop 15 years on a luxury car.

While on the run from the persistent timekeepers, Will and Sylvia, as well as the audience, learn a very important lesson: “You can do a lot in a day.”

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