Bib + Tuck offers a new way of buying clothes

As penny-pinching college students, we, unfortunately, do not always have the luxury of splurging on designer duds that we absolutely have to have. Thanks to the up-in-coming website, Bib and Tuck, however, people will have the ability to swap clothing, shoes and accessories with fellow style-savvy users. Launching this December, the site is, according to New York based founders Sari Azout and Sari Bibliowicz, an “online marketplace that makes it possible to continually—and affordably—refresh your closet by trading clothes and accessories with fellow bloggers, editors, and street-style savants” just in time for the holidays.

“There are so many trends that I love but can’t afford,” sophomore Jacqueline Felteau said. “I think that this website has the potential to be something I would use very often, especially when it comes to shopping for holiday party clothes.”

Users can upload pictures of styled items they want to sell, as well as search through closets for items that can be ‘purchased’ using virtual money allotted while joining the site or earned from selling items. Found a closet that you absolutely love? Good news – Bib and Tuck allows users to follow any closet that strikes their interest to be sure that the second a new item becomes available, there is ample opportunity to snatch it up and make a satisfyingly budget-conscious purchase.

Even though Bib and Tuck stems from an 18th century phrase, bib and tucker, referring to a piece of lace worn around the neck tucked into a man’s collar or over a woman’s bust like a modern day bib, users will not have to worry about sorting through pages of stained sweatpants and oversized t-shirts. The invite-only site will be full of high-end items approved by Azout and Bibliowicz that are sure to be coveted by many.

“It’s like picking out of your friends’ personal closets—and those of other stylish women around the world,” Bibliowicz told

Some are still skeptical when it comes to swapping clothes with strangers.

“I’ve definitely shared clothes with friends in the past,” sophomore Shawna Gillen said. “But I’m not sure how willing I’d be to take clothes from a total stranger. There’s no way to know exactly what you’re getting or who you’re getting it from.”

If a little mystery isn’t phasing, and you would like to pre-register to Bib and Tuck before it is open to the general public, go to and get ready to start swapping.

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